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Our all butters are both Delicious and Healthy 

Arnoush Company is the first brand in Armenia to produce 100% organic butters. Arnoush products are produced using first-class and high quality materials and using fully automatic and hygienic equipments.
Arnoush is able to produce the best organic butters (peanuts – pistachios – hazelnuts – sweet almonds – cashews) and tahini that are 100% organic and natural, which is free of cholesterol, additives and preservatives. Arnoush butter can be used as a breakfast, snack and also can use in order to bake cakes.
Our products are very high in protein, which prevents osteoporosis, hair loss and helps to weight loss.
Our products are suitable for all people, especially athletes, which also helps strengthen muscles.

Our services are top quality
and we’re doing our best for you happiness and health

1. Select a diet that suits your needs

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2. Order your meals regularly
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3. Enjoy good and healthy life
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Gluten Free
Soy Free
Dairy Free
Egg Free

Choose your diet preferences. Order your butter today.


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